Remapping Keycodes and Keysyms with xmodmap

There’re some annoying keys on my keyboard that I never use, moreover if I even touch them, it’s always by mistake. It’d be nice to remap them to either something more useful or remap them to nothing.

JavaScript Default Package Setting with npm config

Npm package manager has much more to it than just npm init or npm install. There’s also a bunch of config options that could save some time later or save a lot of trouble with managing package versions.

Crashing Browsers When Downloading Big Files

I’ve experienced this funny problem that eventually turned out to be a misconfiguration issue done by none else but myself :) I want to share this bit in case I or someone else runs into it in the future.

Using mitmproxy in testing

Mitmproxy is an open source HTTPS proxy. Something like this could be extremely useful when doing technical testing of web applications. Let’s have a look at how to make everything work so you can leverage the power of proxies in your testing as well.